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Color: frame
Retail Price $49.99-59.99
Brand new in box, never worn – absolutely NOT a return, defect, or factory second. Awesome sunglasses!
These are 100% guaranteed authentic, purchased from a US authorized Coyote retailer.
Specs and features below:
Ideal for detail-oriented tasks that require magnification, eyekepper bifocal glasses boast glare-reducing, polarized bi-focal reader lenses, adjustable nose pads and lightweight frame arms.
Polarized to reduce harsh glare
Comfortable rubber nose pads
Lens features: Polarized and clear reading part combined
Frame fit: Medium
Coverage: Medium
Light transmission: 81%
UV blocking: 100% UVA, 100% UVB
Weight: 22g.
Lens material: TAC polarized and acrylic readers
Frame material: stainless steel

Eyekepper brand

eyekepper is an new brand of wenzhou cofly optical co.,ltd,one lead eyeglasses manufacturer in China. We find the best deals available on name brands and do our best to pass on those bargains to you, our customers. We appreciate each and every buyer and do our best to make your experience with us the best you’ve ever had on eBay.


Buyers are highly recommended to pay by paypal and we only ship to the Paypal address.
Please make sure you will pay for this item before bidding.If you are not able to send payment timely,please at least give a message to us.


Main shipping method is registered airmail,buyers will be informed package number after shipping,please notice your message box.
Usually spends 1-3 weeks to worldwide,please be more patient for international shipping,if possible delay.
Express shipping service is faster and higher cost,start with $15,please contact us before payment if you want faster shipping.
Usually ship your items out within 12-72 hours after your instant payment.


We reserve the right to cancel bids or transactions from buyers with low, no, or negative feedback. Winning bidders must respond and make payment arrangements within three days of auction end unless prior arrangements have been made. Non-paying bidders will be reported to eBay for fee recovery. Please, DO NOT PURCHASE, IF YOU DO NOT INTEND TO PAY.


Accept return if items unsuitable for you,shipping cost at buyers’ account.
Buyers will be fully refunded if items broken or lost.
Will be responsible for each item sold,no doubt we’ll find out the best solution for possible dispute.
We have a 7 day return policy, starting the date an item is delivered. We believe this is sufficient time to inspect an item. Item must be in original condition for return – clean with tags intact and attached. The original shipping cost will not be refunded unless there was an error on our part. All returns must be pre-authorized, please contact us prior to sending an item back.


We value your opinion and know how important feedback is on the eBay marketplace. When shopping with eyekepper, 99.99% of potential issues can be resolved simply by letting us know if you experience a problem. Please contact us BEFORE leaving any negative feedback so we can quickly address your concerns. We strive for excellent customer service resulting in positive feedback with each and every buyer. We also prioritize leaving feedback for all of our buyers.

Any other question,please feel free to contact us.


Night vision glasses for driving are efficient

Wearing night driving glasses, there is an increase in light tolerance. Night vision glasses for driving are efficient in this aspect.

Unfortunately, having such improvements have caused another problem. Drivers who are coming from the opposite side of the road are distracted with the glare coming from the bright headlights. With the sudden flushing of light in the eye, there is a significant change of what the driver can see. Anti-glare eyeglasses may help prevent this but tinted night driving glasses is the better option.

Lights that give the driver’s eyes a big challenge are UV lights and blue lights. These kinds of light are harmful to the retina, which is the part of the eye responsible for absorbing the light seen and transporting it to the brain for processing. Excessively bright UV and blue lights have been known to damage the eyes. Aside from the long term effects of exposure to such lights, being flashed a very bright light will blind you for a minute or two, causing danger especially when handling heavy machinery – a car for example. Night driving glasses will greatly allow you to see better by filtering such unnecessary and damaging light.

What is eyekepper anti glare night driving glasses?

Yellow color, special coated anti-headlight glasses produced by organic glass, light and reduce and minimize headlight, all over the world (at night or sunny weather, foggy, misty, rainy weather), vehicle use, hunting, snow sports, and people interested in computer often preferred by people who spent more time in the face and enjoy a special product used. These features, as well as custom design, with stylish sunglasses to as the framework is a product that you can use. In addition, the results of investigations made by the Anti-headlight glasses, gray tones of the characteristics. Decomposes at shades of gray in comparison to normal field of vision becomes more pronounced and enhanced contrast. Anti-headlight glasses for night driving when you use the headlights of oncoming vehicles to take your eyes and your eyes to help prevent glare, night driving, will help your safety. Night or day, against the glare caused by car headlights, fog, haze, rain, shine, sunshine , snow, dust, driving factors that reduce the selectivity of anti-headlight glasses for vision that can distinguish more clearly, your ride can now keep in confidence and comfort. Reflection is the most harmful and dangerous situation occurs during the use of the vehicle. Vehicle users headlight reflections from mirrors or reflections in the windshield, except the driver reported the opinion largely reduced. Polarized anti-headlight glasses that you can apply a solution to this problem. However, sensitive eyes or cataracts, myopia, or people who have had laser eye surgery may benefit from the anti-headlight glasses. No. I wear glasses, I can do? If you do not feel; sizinde driving, the headlights of oncoming vehicles, direct sunlight, fog, haze, snow, rain, the number of anti-headlight glasses clip-on would be ideal for eyeglass wearers. In addition, anti-headlight glasses; elegant design, elegance and comfort of a special frame with the resort that offers you the sunglasses. Anti headlight glasses are organic glasses, a fall or a blow to any case, the problem certainly will not break and scratch.


a wide range of driving sunglasses

Do you spend long hours driving in the sun daily? If so, then you need a pair of reliable driving sunglasses.our brand-eyekepper offer a wide range of driving sunglasses which combine technological features for extraordinary performance with contemporary style.

Eyekepper driving sunglasses provide 99.9% protection against ultraviolet rays. These sunglasses come with TAC polarized lenses, which help to almost totally eliminate reflection and glare coming from other vehicles. The TAC polarized lenses give drivers a nice contrast yet very soothing and can help eye fatigue.

Squinting and tired eyes can lead to headaches and accidents on the road. Continuous exposure to the harsh and bright light of the sun can cause serious injuries to the retina, cornea and the iris, which in turn may cause permanent damage to your eyes, including partial blindness and even cancer. Wraparound protection is crucial when you have glare coming into your car from the front and the side windshield. The polarized lenses on the side help cut the glare and you can avoid moving the visor back and forth.

Eyekepper driving sunglasses are designed in a way to easily slip over your prescription glasses without compromising on comfort, quality or visual performance. Besides offering comfort and performance, these sunglasses are fashionable and offer a contemporary look.

Available in wide range of styles, colors and designs, eyekepper driving sunglasses offer perfect fit and perfect vision in all weather and light conditions. Being super lightweight they are extremely comfortable to wear, and are produced using innovative materials.

Driving can lead to eye-strain, so put the odds back in your favor and get yourself a pair of Eyekepper polarized driving glasses that cut glare during long road trips whatever the driving conditions.

yellow clip on sunglasses for computer

Anti Glare|Night Driving|Computer|Shooting|Clip-on Sunglasses
■ Do you have sensitive eyes ?
■ Does the glare of the headlights bother you at night ?
■ Do your eyes get tired or irritated when you work on your Computer, or when you watch T.V. ?
■ Do you play indoor sports ?
■ Do you play outdoor sports, such as hiking, walking, skiing, golf, hunting, or shooting ?
■ Do you sometimes drive in Foggy, Hazy, Overcast, Rainy, or snowy conditions ?
If so, you will simply be amazed by the difference that these lenses make.

online shoppingonline shopping


the deals for eyekepper polarized bifocal glasses

There are many reasons for bifocal polarized sunglasses

Well, here are some tips to help in this experiment is going well, how to buy sunglasses online! First I will preface our thoughts on this: Buy online, they are cheaper. And if you’re looking for cheap polarized sunglasses, you always have the same quality sunglasses bifocal line looking like you’re in a store, but for much less. In addition, we see that the matter is most overlooked for the purchase of bifocal polarized sunglasses on the Internet that give people no attention to ads from sites such as the site of sunglasses. Do not ignore them is to choose not to choose to “see”, while the rest of the Internet miss the offers, because we so often programmed to ignore them.

The reasons for the occurrence of eyekepper bifocal glasses polarized sunglasses:

Less stress headache trying to read the eyes, and see an object closer to the maps easier to read. You do not need to change your sunglasses to read it. Not necessarily hold reading material while you read. Perhaps reading provides magnification and that’s fine.

Bifocal polarized bifocals from 1.5 to 2.5

Here is a brief guide, if you know how you want to buy polarized sunglasses from online ad clip:

Visible lines on your bifocals or not?

First Do not read articles like this. Read them, but then … Attention to companies such as Google ads on the page. Remember that companies advertising with Google will do what it has to get clicks that Google rewards them when they better clicks. Then the following are some of the best deals for eyekepper bifocal glasses polarized on these ads because of the need for these companies sunglasses clicks.

Second Read all claims carefully you really sure you take advantage of the incredible amount and not the hook and the way the front plate polarized bifocals.

Third Be sure to see the shipping price that you buy a nice pair of metal frame! Take a closer look at the cost of shipping, they throw at you, and if it offers a couple of bifocal sunglasses buy.

4th Not sure you can trust the site, purchase of sunglasses are you looking at? Well, try a few things and then move on to another site if you do not get a good response from these gurus sunglasses on site. Just call their phone number. No answer? Move on. Shoot them an e-mail, it bounces? Move on. Simple and easy to follow this step and you are a website that just to avoid a scam site sunglasses.


how they work in night vision goggles?

Eyekepper Night Vision Goggles

Night Vision Goggles are the types of glasses that can be worn during the dark or at night. You are in a way that allows them to see things at night over the amount of light from the darkness designed. Many people have asked how to work these night vision goggles or what is the principle behind their operation and how much they cost and where to find one for yourself. These and many other concepts will be described in this article. Many films have used the representation of these principles. In addition, some documentaries of animals in the night captured a part of this principle that the use of night vision goggles interview shows. The night vision device name shows the work of glasses, in other words, the glasses are used to help you see things at night.

Such as night vision goggles work?
The question “How do night vision goggles work?” Answered after we too have an understanding of light energy. The inverse energy stored in a light wave compared to the wavelength of light. More of the wavelength, the higher its energy. An example is in the visible light spectrum, from violet to shorter wavelength is larger than the energy of light as red, which contain most of the long-wave and therefore the lowest amount of energy. Infrared spectrum, which is next to the light spectrum has a wavelength in the range of 0.7 to 1.3 microns while the length reaches mid-infrared wavelengths of 1.3 to 3 microns and thermal infrared range of 3-30 microns. Of these, the thermal infrared, in contrast to others that reflected light is a little light. This difference is the result of the excitement of the electronics on the atomic scale. The thermal imaging method in the principle of the glasses used night vision equipment uses infrared heat to the process. All night vision tool can include a camera, binoculars, sunglasses and night vision devices. The night vision devices use two types of methods to ensure its operation. These are thermal imaging and image processing to reduce the glare night. To help us understand how night vision devices work, we have a deep understanding of these two techniques that are used to have to facilitate the operation of night vision devices.

Thermal imaging cameras
Almost all the objects around the discharge of certain amounts found certain thermal infrared. The energy is discharged through a pair of special lenses that are mounted to focus the thermal infrared. The light is concentrated was then scanned by an instrument called a component infrared detector, which developed a series of light called the thermogram. The time taken in the process of development of the thermogram is about 1/30th of a second. Thermogram is then developed into electrical impulses, which has lead to a signal processing circuit with a chip that converts the electrical impulses into visual feature data changes. After all that, the signal processing unit transmits the data to the display in order of image formation. The strength of the discharge infrared determined to make the quality of the image.

Image Enhancement
This is the second technique, used in the principle of night vision devices. In this method, infrared rays are captured through the lens of the convection. After all concentrated along the light, then it is taken as an image intensifier tube. The power that is used by the image intensifier tube, comes from the N-2-2AA batteries and cells. About 5000 volts needed to be used by the image intensifier tube. The tube consists of a photocathode, which moved responsible for the conversion of protons, electrons. The electrons are then run through the tube and they emit more electrons (the electrons are released from the microchannels into the tube).

What are the micro-channels, and how they work in night vision goggles?
Microchannels in the image intensifier tube. They are very small in nature and have many small holes that can hardly be seen with the naked eye. His main work is more electrons are the largest number possible. The microchannels are using fiber optic technology. When a moving electron collides with the electrodes of the micro-channels, micro-channel electrode broke the tension, the movement of electrons causes rapid increase in movement. At the end of the imaging intensifier tube, the electrons hit a phosphor coated screen. The coalition offers to develop an image of the object because the electrons are in an arrangement such as the arrangement of the original photons. The detection of phosphorus, a green image when viewed through a glass-night viewing.

First They are used in military and legal reinforcement of the team as the FBI, etc. Political
Second They are also used by hunters to protect animals in the night, especially when chasing the animals sleep.
Third Some tourists are using night vision goggles to see the animals at night in the game parks.
4th in the course of the investigation
5th Also used in navigation, particularly of the pilot and the captain of the night.
6th They are trained for safety by welding or private agents, used to track criminals
7th In addition, some of the entertainment are mainly used to view the night sky.
8th If you want to fish at night, night vision goggles are the best compared to the torch, lamps or other light sources.
9th Children who play hide and seek in the night want to night vision devices that are much better than a flashlight.

But these and many other functions are not the most important functions for which the tool was developed. The night vision devices were originally created by the military, a man appears to be in darkness, to assist them during the war. But in recent years, many people came up with many ideas on how to use night vision equipment for other uses beyond their primary use. You can create your own night vision equipment, but it will not develop the quality as that of the manufacturers.


night driving Sunglasses are right for you?

Did you have trouble driving safely at night? A pair of quality driving night sunglasses may be the solution for you.

It is not surprising that the glare from the headlights of cars, it is difficult to see at night. Especially with the excess of light currently on cars like the headlights, fog lamps and auxiliary lamps. Throw in the dazzling reflection of some street lights and billboards and you have a recipe for the disposal of night cruises.

Some headlights on cars are even higher than they were in the market, and it makes a big difference in brightness by traffic. Also high lights are placed in vehicles more and they produce a brighter light. Smart motorists are now driving at night, buy a pair of sunglasses to help with this problem. Many experts recommend vision care night driving glasses that will protect patients against their brightness night oncoming headlights.

Here are some questions to ask before buying sunglasses for night driving:

# 1 - Where can I find them?
# 2 - What are the best kind to buy?
# 3 - Did they really make night driving easier?

You can find a pair of eyekepper night driving sunglasses on our online shop,this is one of the manufacturers is to help you find the right person, the appropriate style and good price. The best way is to buy one from a manufacturer that uses a special anti-reflective coating on the glass. This coating minimizes flare on lenses and it does block the light, but it gives more light. This will increase your vision at night.

When buying sunglasses for night driving safely, being able to buy the kind with the anti-reflective coating and not a pair that is just yellow. These types of glasses driving at night can help reduce glare, but can also reduce your ability to see. As long as you buy the right kind it will definitely help, not just at night, but they will also help to distinguish fine details during the day. Suitable goggles are driving at night even by members of the traffic police, used to make a ton of night driving.

Finally, night driving is dangerous enough without the glare that bombards your eyes against the traffic lights and street in the opposite direction. Why not get all the benefits for you get to your destination with a pair of eyekepper night driving sunglasses?

Eyekepper night driving glasses prevent you to travel to the dangers of the night

Eyekepper night driving glasses prevent you to travel to the dangers of the night

Night driving glasses offer a growing number of men and women of relief to the many risks of driving at night. Many people are by glaring headlights of oncoming traffic of the vehicle and the headlights of cars behind them brilliant irritated, but the night vision device will certainly help providers and their eyes are recommended by many of their patients.

When driving at night goggles come with an anti-reflective coating, they are used to minimize the glare and help you see where the streets at dark, with a minimum illumination. Take care not to a pair of night vision equipment that is not unique to this kind of, because they can not help you get hurt and your journey.

This type of glasses is often a yellow or orange lens, so if you want a pair you with these shades tinted glasses, you should also make sure that they see the coating.

These types of glasses costs about $ 40, but tends to be as high as $ 400, especially if you play for a quality product that looks like pro racers laid whenever they race at night.

Night vision systems can in fact use a variety of eyewear such as eyeglasses and binoculars that special methods that relate to improving your vision at night. Some of these glasses with thermal vision to use some of an image intensifier and some use active infrared.

The active and passive systems are the two main types of night vision devices.

An active system uses a device to swim in an area of invisible light, they are usually more appropriate for reasons of safety.

A passive system collects the light emitted by the stars and it strengthened, and the person may be a better level of detail.

This type of night vision devices will likely be represented by a generation. Genesis 1 is the oldest and Gen 4 is the latest. 1 gene, were used the night vision devices in the Vietnam War and Gen 2 for the gain was much easier to develop. Gen 3 glasses for a better and gene 4 glasses were created so that they change slightly, as lighting conditions change.

In this way, the visibility still intact even if the strong explosion. This type of night vision devices from a few hundred dollars to a lot of money low.

For a long time, the night vision goggles or glasses were used only by the armed forces to make it less difficult to see the enemy at night. However, they are by private investigators, nature lovers and especially those responsible for the prosecution used to it during the night when they try a missing person or someone who has broken the law to find help. Firefighters also found a good use of night vision goggles or sunglasses because they can help find trapped victims is unconscious or lost in a dark building.

So whether you’re night driving glasses, so you want to travel safely at night maybe need one eyekepper night vision glasses, it is easy to find our websites on the Internet with a variety of each. Be sure to try to remember the important fact, if you pay for night vision devices for driving, and that’s just the way the purchase includes an anti-reflective coating.

We are one of leading glasses manufacturer in Wenzhou China, it is established in 2002. Our products are our patent design as sunglasses, polarized sunglasses,driving glasses,fishing glasses, reading glasses,optical frame, case and pouch.